You can expect the following from Moon Colt:

Double native

As a double native speaker, I translate from Dutch into English and vice versa. That is slightly unusual in the world of translation because most translators only translate a text into one language – their native tongue. For example, a British translator who studied Spanish will usually only translate from Spanish into English. For a non-bilingual person, it is hard to learn and feel all the subtleties of a second language learned later in life.

Being a bilingual translator allows me to truly understand connotations in both languages. And of course, you benefit because I will make sure your translated text hits the mark, every time.
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Translator, not a translation agency

If you’re looking for someone to translate a text for you, there are generally two options – a translation agency or an independent translator, such as Moon Colt. Both types have advantages and disadvantages, see below:

Advantages translation agency

  • Most assignments will be accepted thanks to the large network of freelancers an agency works with; it makes it easier to divide large projects among several translators, resulting in shorter lead times.
  • Most translation agencies have a network of translators in various language. If you need your text translated into multiple languages, it can often be done through one agency.
  • No matter what the topic is of the document you want translated, the agency will probably find someone specialised in this area to do the work.

Disadvantages translation agency

  • Agencies are often more expensive as they have higher overhead costs.
  • Freelance translators working for these agencies are paid significantly less than they would be able to charge clients directly; these translators will therefore have to work a lot faster to generate sufficient income, sometimes at the expense of the quality.
  • As a client you don’t have direct contact with the translator, all communication is relayed through project managers.
  • You have no say in who translates your documents.

Advantages independent translator

  • You can build a personal relationship with the translator, who knows exactly which terminology your company uses.
  • You can consult the translator directly and queries can be resolved quickly and efficiently, without having to go through a project manager.

Disadvantages independent translator

  • Working alone, the translator might not be able to start on your translation immediately. However, most independent translators also have a network of colleagues who can help out if necessary
  • Sometimes a document will be outside the translator’s area of expertise. In that case you will be referred to a colleague specialised in that particular field.

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You will receive a fast response to any request for a translation, usually within one or two hours. Once a client gives the go-ahead for the work, we will agree on a delivery time. I take deadlines deadly serious. In fact, I’ve never missed one yet. All documents I receive are treated with the utmost confidentiality. If you wish, I will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement. You can find more information on how I work in my general terms and conditions.
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Translation is not a regulated profession and in fact anyyone can call themselves a translator. However, in the Netherlands, sworn – or certified – translators have to comply with strict guidelines in terms of education and work ethic. I’m a sworn translator so you can be sure of the high quality of my work. You can find more information on the requirements for sworn translators here. In addition to meeting the requirements of a sworn translator, I have also obtained a number of diplomas including:

  • Bachelor of translation in Dutch and English
    University of applied sciences West-Nederland
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
    Canterbury English (certificate)
  • MA Teaching Latin language and classical and cultural education
    University of Amsterdam
  • MA Latin language and culture
    University of Amsterdam

As a perfectionist, I always deliver quality translations for a reasonable price. If you shop around, you will undoubtedly find translators willing to do the job for a lower price. But remember, good work costs time and therefore money.
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Direct contact

If you have a document that needs translating, it helps if you can talk with the translator directly to discuss the intended target audience, tone of voice and required spelling (e.g. British English or American English).

I am fortunate to have a number of regular clients. They know they can rely on consistent translations from me because I know their company. These regular clients also know they can always ask me to correct or edit an email, or to translate a couple of sentences. They know I’ll happily do this for them between other jobs and what’s more, that I’ll do it for free. I value the relationship with my clients which is why I aim to always provide an excellent service.
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